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Photograph the Risin og Kellingin

Risin og Kellingin (The name Risin og Kellingin means The Giant and the Witch )  are two sea heaps just off the northern shoreline of the island of Eysturoy in the Faroe Islands. The " Risin " is a 71m stack further from the coast, and the "Witch" is the 68m pointed stack nearer land.

A legend has it that once upon a time, the giant and the witch (his wife)  in Iceland were jealous and determined that they wanted the Faroes. Hence the giant and the witch were sent down to the Faroe Islands to bring them back. When the witch attached the rope to the mountain and pulled, the northern part of the mountain separated. As they continued to struggle to pull the rock back together they forgot about time passing, and as dawn broke a shaft of sunlight put an end to their works by turning them to stone on the spot!

You can view Risin og Kellingin from Tjörnuvik, from the road when driving from Gjogv to Eidi, and also from the Kallur lighthouse on Kalsoy. 


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