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Photograph the Singing Ringing Tree

The singing ringing tree seems a little bit of a blot on the landscape if I am honest and it looks completely out of place, but I guess if it gets people out walking then it cannot be all bad. Its located on a hill so the views are amazing. You can see over Burnley and get a great view of it. On a windy day the air will go through the pipes and make a whistling tune. The only sad part is, you cant control whether the wind blows or not, so you might have to wait a while. There's a bench near the sculpture so you can sit down with a picnic. Id say overall its a short visit if you're just looking at the tree ( 5-15 mins ) or if you're going on a walk maybe near the area, it would be about an hour. Park at the small free car park on Crown Point Road open 24/7


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