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Hike to Pic du Midi d Ossau

The valley of Ossau is placed within the Béarnaises Pyrenees, between la vallée d'Aspe and la vallée de Gavarnie, from Rébénacq to the French-Spanish frontier (Col du Portalet). The gap d'Aubisque closes the valley to the east. The villages (from N to S) of the high Ossau are: Bilhères, Bielle, Béon, Bélesten, Gère-Bélesten, Aste-Béon, Louvie-Soubiron, Béost, Assouste, Aas, Laruns, Eaux-Bonnes, Gourette, Eaux-Chaudes, Goust, Gabas, Arouste-Fabréges and Pont de Camps.


Starting at Bious Artigues Lake, take at some point to hike around this unbelievable summit. Placed within the heart of the Pyrenees Park, the Pic du Midi d'Ossau could be an outstanding peak that clearly stands out from the geological formation ridgeline. This emblematic Pyrenean Mountain, nicknamed “Jean-Pierre”, rises to an altitude of 2,887 meters. However why “Jean-Pierre”? Here are some attainable explanations for this somewhat strange nickname: Jean-Pierre might be derived from “giant de pierre” (giant of stone). This summit has 2 peaks, one above the opposite. Within the past, within the Ossau valley, the oldest son was named Jean and therefore the youngest Pierre. According to legend, thousands of years past, the Ossau valley was vulnerable by hordes of invaders. Two giants, Jean and Pierre, came to the rescue, pushing back the assailants, before perishing within the fighting. The valley's grateful inhabitants buried the giants beneath tonnes of stone, thereby making "Jean-Pierre".

This mountain measures beneath 3.000 m however rises alone higher than others in the area. Regardless the issue of its faces, the history of this peak starts before different mountains in Pyrenees: four-card Monte Perdido, Vignemale, Maladeta or Balaitous. Its interest is as a result of the gaudy silhouette and simple approach. On 1582 and 1591 there have been the primary makes an attempt to Midi d'Ossau. On 1787, a cairn on the summit was designed 

Other non-normal routes to Pic du Midi d'Ossau (Pointe d'Espagne): 

- Four peaks traverse (1300-1400m, D, V). 1st by F Cazalet, Jean Santé on third Sept 1933.

- La Fourche or N face (500m, BD). 1st by H Brulle, R d'Astorg, C Passet and F. Salles in 1896.


- S pilar (250 m, MD+). 1st by Patrice de Bellefon, R Despiau, B Grenier and Jean Ravier.



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