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Pier of Sellin

When touring Sellin Pier, you will no longer only have a brilliant ride at the constructing itself, but also on your way there! The fantastic “Wilhelmstraße” road gently ascends closer to the 30-meter-high financial institution of the Baltic Sea, lined with beautiful hotel mansions that are great examples of motel architecture. The way used to be created via Wilhelm Malte I, Prince of Putbus, returned in as early as 1895, which sparked the development of Sellin as a famous Baltic resort. It didn’t take long for the constructing lots in the street to be snapped up, and all of the plots had been offered with the aid of 1906. Architects from all over the world got here to Wilhelmstraße to build homes for wealthy townspeople. The most important center of attention of their designs was once to create a ‘Mediterranean’ feel, which led to the institution of the resort structure style. Resort architecture is a mixture of regional patterns proposing wooden bays and verandas, fancy adorns and even a small tower here and there.


The original building of Sellin Pier already mixed sensible use with leisure. The pier was not solely a jetty for tour boats, however, also served food and drink to bathers on the beach. This is still the case nowadays. Celebrating parties, going on excursions and taking part in the sea air while sipping a coffee have continually been the first section of this excellent construction. Many couples from all over Germany come and get married in the registry workplace in the pier’s “Baltic Saal” hall earlier than celebrating the occasion in the building’s birthday party rooms. On the pinnacle of all this, Sellin Pier also offers everyday friends the possibility to come and experience a maritime dinner accompanied by using piano music.



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