4WDing Karratha, Western Australia


AWAYN IMAGE 4WDing Karratha, Western Australia
AWAYN IMAGE 4WDing Karratha, Western Australia
AWAYN IMAGE 4WDing Karratha, Western Australia
AWAYN IMAGE 4WDing Karratha, Western Australia

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I live and work in Karratha, Western Australia. The greatest thing about this town 4wding-wise is that less than 5 minutes drive from my front door or from my workplace I can do some very serious and challenging 4wding. All the hills around Karratha, no matter how steep, have a track up them, and most have developed deep wheel ruts between rocky outcrops, and some have developed deep channels from the occasional torrential rain we get here. It all adds up to some hair-raising adventures and lots of 4wding fun. There is also some very limited beach and dune driving within 5 minutes of Karratha, and within 30 minutes drive from town there is the famous Jump-up and Burrup peninsula. Within 2 hours... countless 4wding adventures open up where only your 4wd, your imagination and the laws of the land limit what you can do. The effect of all this is that within minutes of Karratha there is all the challenging 4wding you need if you want to blow off some steam, even just over your lunch break. And after the heavy rains we do occasionally get here you can also get all the mud paddling you would ever want too! However, 4wding after rain up here might mean not getting your car out again for a while; the hard baked soil of the Pilbara becomes car-sucking glue when wet. So are the salt pans, at anytime of year. You have been warned! See you on top of a hill on the outskirts of Karratha soon! FYI: I'll add to the attached pics as I remember to photograph the 80 in various compromising locations.  

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