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Pine trees and tulips of Camlica Hill

Camlica Hill is the most attractive and the highest promenade in Istanbul. Located in the Anatolian side of the city and overlooking the Marmara Sea and the famous Bosphorus, Camlica Hill is divided into two sections. "Büyük Çamlica" (big) and "Kücük Çamlica" (small) with heights 876 ft and 748 ft. 

The name Camlica comes from the Turkish word for pine. The first settlers of the region planted a lot of pine trees that are still alive today and survived the Roman Empire and also the Byzantine period. However, Camlica was a much thicker forest in the past, not letting the sunshine go through. Many Ottoman sultans, including Murat IV and Mehmet IV, loved to spend time here, and even built a hunting lodge. 

Today, Camlica is the best plays for local and foreign visitors to spend some time among beautiful flowers, pine trees, and tulips, enjoying the spectacular views of the Bosphorus. Tea and coffee shops, restaurants, fountains, kiosks, and centennial trees are some of the things that attract tourists to Camlica. 

This place is especially attractive for bird watchers from all around the world who chase the migrating birds and wait for hours to take a close look. The best months for bird watching at Camlica are September and October, but springtime also offers great outdoor opportunities. 

Camlica is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul if you're looking for a nature escape, yet stay close to the city. 

If you ever come to Istanbul and have more than a day to spend, then Camlica is a must-see. 

The place is so attractive that the local authorities are even preparing a project to build the largest mosque in Istanbul on Camlica Hill. 



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