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Playa Mar Azul

Playa Mar Azul is 3.1 kilometres from the town center of Mal Pais—a sleepy surf town in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica. Mar Azul is easy enough to find and quite popular with the locals and tourists alike for the sandy beaches and clean left-hand surf breaks. One of the stand out features of this beach is a beautiful bay of Bahia Barigona, where lush green rainforest meets the golden sand and crystal clear waters. 

However, most beach-goers miss out on the most spectacular part of Playa Mar Azul—the tidal pools of Punta Barigona, which is Playa Mar Azul’s most prominent coastal rock.  Access to these tidal pools is a bit of a secret, as there are no informational signs or directions for how to get there. Access to these tidal pools can be found from a narrow road that continues onwards from the Mar Azul carpark and past several houses and a large grassy area. From there, hundreds of tidal pools can be accessed with a short walk. It is common to see marine life, including crabs and fish, in these pools. These tidal pools are also kid-friendly as many of them are quite shallow at low tide. 

There is also the option to horseback ride from Cabuya to Playa Mar Azul, which gives even more access to the untouched terrain of the area.  Playa Mar Azul, especially near the tidal pools, acts a popular campsite, offering the opportunity to enjoy the world-famous Costa Rican sunsets. Located nearby is a local bar and restaurant called Café Mar Azul, where locals “unofficially” run the business and the customer service and food are top-notch. Don’t be surprised though if service stops at dinner time at the café—it’s a daily ritual for the staff to all go to the beach to watch the sunset, fully embracing the Pura Vida lifestyle. 



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