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Plung in Hveravellir blue geothermal pool

Hveravellir is one of the most impressive geothermal in the world located toward the Kjolur route (number F35), which runs across the middle highlands from Gullfoss in the south to Blondudal in the north. The oldest classifications of Hveravellir date back to 1752, when the travelers Eggert Ólafsson and Bjarni Pálsson wrote about this area in their travel books.

The whole area of Hveravelliris around  180 square kilometers (44479 acres) which offers fascinating routes along the northern part of Langjökull and through Hallmundarhraun to Husafell, as well as several horse riding trails, which can be found in the surrounding area.

In Hveravellir there is also a small cozy restaurant that offers unbelievable views. During the summer months, Hveravellir operates a small restaurant seating 25 people. During the winter the restaurant is only open for groups with reservations.

Just a reminder that the drive from the North is quite inconvenient, the road sometimes is almost non-existing and sometimes covered with big rocks but in the end, you are rewarded with fantastic views! 


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