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Plunge into Cool Waters of Devils Den

The Devil’s Den is one of the remarkable creations of nature housed near Williston in Florida. This privately-owned space has now been turned into the training grounds for Scuba Diving and other fun activities. A dive into the pool is enticing and relaxing at the same time. History says the opening of this den was formed out of a solution hole. It resembles an inverted mushroom with a maximum depth of 54 feet.

Four underwater passages are stretching from the pool. These passages are called chambers which are home to fossils of both animals and humans. It is no more private space and hence you can gain access through the operating company only. If you are an adept swimmer and take an interest in the evolution of living beings, you should be coming here. Human fossils along with animals’ remnants such as dire wolves, bears, ground sloths, peccaries, etc were unearthed from here.

Devil’s Den has a sinkhole entrance which opens down to a giant cave beneath. For family trips, you can use the private campgrounds. However, if you don’t take a dive you are surely going to miss out on much. It remains open from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Thursday. On the rest three days, it opens an hour early. For scuba diving, you have to enter at least an hour before the closing time.

Casual swimmers are not allowed. You can either go for snorkeling or scuba diving. Swimming through this geological wonder in Florida is a precious sight. The illuminated, cold water down the cave is thrilling and exciting. Crystal clear water with fossil beds and stalactites formation make it the most unique diving spot. There is a high possibility of coming across ancient artifacts and other remnants. Divers and snorkelers if you haven’t explored this cave yet, you must hurry.




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