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Pohono Trail

There is a nice area of campsites just over a small bridge somewhere about halfway between Taft point and Dewey point and very close to the McGurk trail. There was plenty of water in the stream nearby. Drive to the Tunnel View and park across the street from where the tour busses pull in. There is a trail heading up the hill. This trail is not paved, it is dirt and rock and a lot of uphill climbing so watch your footing. The sign says it is about .6 miles up to the Old Stagecoach Road but it feels longer. ONce you reach the old Stagecoach Road there is a sign that indicates a distance up the hill and continuing on the Pohono Trail and up to Glacier Point. We turned left and headed toward Artist's Point there is no sign for this destination. The road is better because it is mostly flatter and wider, some parts were previously paved, but that is broken away mostly. In addition, there are number of downed trees that you must duck under or crawl over. The view once you arrive is stunning. You can clearly see Bridal Veil Falls in the distance. A little ways past the point you come upon a creek with lots of big rocks for climbing on to relax, enjoy the view, and eat lunch if you packed one. It was lovely and quite private. Few people along this trail, makes it nice but hard to know if you're going the right way. We found that we had to back track a couple of times because we weren't sure where to go.


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