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Pont du Gard

Many of the huge constructions of Rome have survived till centuries, exhibiting their quality and beautiful designing, especially their canal channel system which is interestingly amazing. France Grand Pont du Gard, is one best example of such a construction which was made in the first century CE, where the amazingly arched bridge was employed as traffic route and aqueduct from Gard River. The bridge tower with three levels reaches around 160 ft height over the river, while each level being provided with far reaching arches. Primitive pulley and liver system was used to put together the colossal blocks that extend much of the area while surprisingly, very little of the mortar was used. Pont du Gard has playgraund children, walking trails. In the river you can even swim and have a picnic on the shore. You can walk along the bridge of the aqueduct. It is an ancient aqueduct from Rome that crosses the river Gardon.


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