Walk around Ponte Vecchio Bridge


AWAYN IMAGE Walk around Ponte Vecchio Bridge
AWAYN IMAGE Walk around Ponte Vecchio Bridge
AWAYN IMAGE Walk around Ponte Vecchio Bridge
AWAYN IMAGE Walk around Ponte Vecchio Bridge

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Ponte Vecchio Bridge - “Old Bridge” in Italian - is the most famous bridge in Florence and unquestionably one of the city’s most well-known landmarks. It crosses the narrowest point of the Arno River, and doesn’t look like a bridge at all for the various overhanging shops, whose glittering stores delight the visitors’ gaze as they pass by. The bridge - entrance point to the city of Florence from the Cassia road - is made of wood and stone and probably dates back to the Roman era. But the river continued to prevail, and until the 1300s, the bridge underwent at least two reconstructions due to the floods.The place is open all time and has a pedestrian area in the south of ‘Piazza Della Republica’ going in the way of Palazzo Pitti. Pont Vecchio (Old Bridge) that lies near Roman crossing has been the only bridge in Arno, France until the year 1218. The bridge was renovated due to having faced flooding in the year 1345. It has been the only bridge during World War 2 in Arno, and the Germans army did not harm it while they only obstructed its access by destructing the old builds on either side. This bridge has been strong enough to survive the heavyweight of silt and water as Arno got its banks burnt again in 1966 (November 4).  

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