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Hike to Pragser Wildsee (Lake Prags)

Pragser Wildsee is among the beautiful lakes in Italy both for its position, dolomites, and the imposing Croda del Becco. It is situated in an altitude of 1500 m above the sea level towards the northern part Fanes-Senes Braies with a natural park few kilometers away. The lake was established after a landslide blocked liver Braies.

Pragser Wildsee is an attraction site to hikers, climbers, and bikers mostly during summer months when the nearby parking lots are fully occupied. You can get to the lake on foot to avoid congestion. You will enjoy a beautiful two-hour hike through the woods, which is more rewarding than getting into such a place by car.

You must warm up your muscles for more comfortable hiking along the lake perimeter for an hour or half an hour. The part is usually flat on the west bank, steep, and narrow at the eastern shore.When you paddle out of the rental boat you are, may get a glimpse of this underworld that is another excellent experience while at the lake. Based on the legends hover you can reach into the underground fanes by sailing on the lake.

There is also a church near the shore and towards the end of the lake path. It is that most events took place during the Second World War. You can also visit the church after you have finished hiking to learn more about the events that took place at the Second World War and get to know the history of Germany war.Overall, Pragser Wildsee is a beautiful lake in South Tyrol that you must visit. It is the most famous lake in Italy because of the famous TV shows that have been aired, and it has been featured severally in the backdrop. Pragser Wildsee is, therefore, a one-stop destination you will not want to miss.


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