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Have you ever heard of a town with about 1,000 locals living, yet a famous tourist destination? Yes, there is one such town, a hidden gem called Punta del Diablo in Uruguay. Today I am going to describe a short summary of this town. This is definitely one among the many unique locations around the world that only locals know. This is basically a small seaside village where tourists visit throughout the year to enjoy the beaches and the scenic beauty. There are a large number of Argentinians, Brazilians, and Uruguayans visiting this place during the summer to enjoy the sun and beaches. Moving around this small fishing village is a hot favorite backpacking spot for local and nearby tourists. Brazil is only 40 Km, just one and half hour. This made Punta del Diablo a favorite backpacking destination, especially among the Brazilians.

Punta del Diablo draws tourist in both the season of the year. The summers are more popular because tourists enjoy the amazing sunbathing on the beach areas. Moreover, there are many entertainment activities organized during the night-time at the nightclubs and beach areas. The population shoots up above 35,000 during the season with tourists visiting here. Summer nights are never dry. DJs are on the beach to rock you while nightclubs and bars tune-up with live music. Undoubtedly, Punta del Diablo is a short gateway for those backpackers want to escape out from the hustle-bustle of the city. This small town has three main beaches and the best spot to spend time and relax. They are Playa de Los Pescadores, also known as fishermen’s beach, Playa de Rivero and Playa de la Viuda. If you are really curious to watch whales, reach the big beach or Playa Grande and watch the whales from there. This adds one more unique charm about this unique tourist place.

You may be wondering now on how to reach Punta del Diablo? Well, there are many ways this beach town is connected. From Capitan Corbeta International Airport outside Punta del Este, you can take a ferry to the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. This unique city is almost 300 kilometres away from the town. The best option to reach Punta del Diablo from Montevideo is by bus that takes about four and a half hours to reach. However, if you are coming from Brazil, you need to take the bus from Chui that is the border town between Uruguay and Brazil.

You may be wondering now as for where to stay? Nothing to worry as the options are plenty. However, stay near the beach and enjoy the sand and sea. I recommend Diablo Tranquillo Hostel as one of the best hotels to stay. This hotel is just 30 meters away from the beach area and they offer an unlimited breakfast menu. You may also stay in a rented house as it is pretty cheap. The only point to keep in mind is, you must carry an ample amount of cash or carry credit cards with you. ATM is not there, so carry USD as the currency which is accepted everywhere.

The city of Punta del Diablo is spread across in a small area. A one-hour walk is enough to cover the entire city. However, you can take part and enjoy a few activities like Horseback Riding, Kiteboarding, Sandboarding, and Surfing. To attract tourists there is a national park Parque Nacional de Santa Teresa, located north of the town. There are couples of elegant restaurants where you can enjoy eating. They are Nativos and Fish Shack. The food tastes really nice. However, don’t miss out to visit Bitacora, the major night club where you can have blasting parties at night. Therefore try and visit Punta del Diablo as it’s a unique place around the world that only locals know.


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