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Qiandao Lake Anzhen Hotel



If you haven't heard of Qiandao then be ready for an incredible journey.  This incredible man-made lake located in Chun'an County, Zhejiang Province, China. Lake is pretty and it is 4 hours driving distance from Shanghai and less than 2 from Hangzhou. So this destination is well suited for 2-3 days holiday. Service is not good outside of hotels unless you can speak decent Chinese.


For this lovely vacation, we stayed at Ahn Luh Qiandaohu! One 


Before getting to the hotel make sure you are taking a cruise around the clear blue Thousand Island Lake, taking in the fresh air and clean scenery is only one highlight of a trip to the region. 



When we arrived at the hotel, I found that the 7-hour drive was very worthwhile. The hotel environment is beautiful. There is a potted plant with a welcoming pine shape on the main entrance of the hotel. Our beautiful spacious room had huge windows to see the lake view. 


The restaurant in the hotel offers relatively a simple breakfast but dinners are amazing... the food is relatively large, and the price is not expensive. 


The staffs were extremely gracious to us as well. You will be greeted with a smile. 


The hotel is relatively large, every time you can call them for a car to pick up and drop off. 


On the second day, I met manager Yang Yang in the hotel lobby, who told suggested us on what was needed and recommended the surrounding attractions and dining, which made people feel like a spring breeze.



Overall, this was an unexpectedly a great and affordable stay!  Fancy a time in China! Then hit to be beautiful Qiandao



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