Walk around Quartiere Coppede


AWAYN IMAGE Walk around Quartiere Coppede
AWAYN IMAGE Walk around Quartiere Coppede
AWAYN IMAGE Walk around Quartiere Coppede

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This micro neighborhood consists of 17 small villas and 26 buildings (I hope to remember well) and was designed and built by Coppede 'between 1913 and 1926. It is worth seeing. I found it beautiful. It is located in Rome near Corso Trieste, near the Nomentana. I recommend starting from the large arch between two buildings that resemble towers. It is a unique style, partly visionary and partly inspired by different mixed styles. Under the arch you notice a huge wrought-iron chandelier. And immediately a small square with the fountain "of the frogs" which, however, is currently being restored and surrounded by chipboard panels. It is not a demanding visit: you only have to walk 10 minutes observing the buildings without prejudice. I've seen it in the evening but I don't know if with daylight you seem more beautiful or lose a bit of charm. I recommend seeing it. Very special.


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