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Photograph high cliffs of Quiraing

For any photographer, this is an important hike as it goes through some of Scotland's most amazing landscapes.

It was formed by a huge landslip as part of the Trotternish ridge that produced elevated cliffs, hidden plateaus and rock pinnacles. Choose a clear day and take your camera with you.

The Quiraing trek is a loop that brings you back to the same (carpark) point. It covers a distance of 6.8 km, with an average of 2 hours (with no stops) to finish the hike. 

The difficulty, we classified this walk as' Medium' in duration and' Hard,' check for information in the rating manual.

Location The Quiraing is located in the region known as' Trotternish' in northern Skye. The walk starts from either Staffin or Uig villages that are joined by a single track road.

Weather Under all weather conditions this walk is not appropriate. Because it takes you close to elevated cliffs, it is not suggested in windy circumstances or if it is nebulous (low visibility).

 Parking The carpark is situated at 5.5miles from Uig or 2.5miles from Staffin at the lowest portion of the single-track road. It is 21miles if traveling from Portree and it will take about 30 minutes to drive.

The carpark isn't that large so it rapidly fills up in the middle of the summer, you may need to drive on the highway to locate a place.

 The Walk From the very beginning you realize that you're in for something unique, as you can see amazing views of the' Prison' and the elevated cliff faces from the carpark north.


Make sure that your look is through the Walk SlideShow as it gives you a step-by-step account of what you are going to find.

Stage 1 Follow the trail from the carpark to the north, the trail is rough underfoot with steep grassy slopes on your correct side.

Looking forward, you'll see elevated cliffs and a rock structure known as the Prison on the right. From specific instructions, it feels like an ancient prison's fortress walls. 

You will reach one of the most difficult sections after about 10 minutes, which includes scrambling across a rocky gorge to cross a tiny stream. Check out the Photo Slideshow–(It is feasible to navigate around this by leaving the trail and going down the grassy slope) After a thorough crossing the trail leads to the Prison and then passes between the Prison and the elevated cliffs. You have to climb up a scree bank (loose gravel) by the prison.

With the Prison on your correct side, if you look left, you'll now see some very big rock columns that are the biggest known as the' Needle.'

You'll come to a wire fence with a stile to pass just after crossing both the Prison and the Needle.

Stage 2 Follow the route with your left side facing the cliff and a steep slope of grass falling down to your right.

In the distance, you will begin to see more rock structure and the route will descend into a shallow valley. The route is divided into two and marked with a stack of rocks (see Slide Show), take the option on the left to maintain the primary cliff facing on your left.

The road goes up and you'll see a stone wall in front of you. Cross the Wall and you're going to discover yourself in a tiny valley and another one. The route gets quite muddy.

The route goes up to encounter another wire fence with an easy style to pass with more rock structure ahead. This marks the mid-point.


Stage 3 Take a hard left turn from the fence to go up to the top of the cliff. As you advance up sometimes, with some enormous drops (be careful) you will be very near to the edge of the cliff. 

There are enormous views as well, so take breaks to get your camera out. Looking east you can see Staffin's village below then Raasay Islands, Rona Islands and then beyond Torridon's mountains on the Mainland.

Work your way up the slope, the route can sometimes be muddy and humid. The worn track becomes a turf footsteps ladder (an exciting track).

When you reach the top at 540 m, look down closely from the top of the cliff to be rewarded with the amazing' Table' landscape, a flat glassy plateau encircled by rock formations and cliff faces.

It has been said that the Table was used by locals hundreds of years ago to conceal sheep and cattle from invaders, as it is impossible to see this hidden plateau from below.

It is possible to access the table, but it does require a scramble, so the average walker is not suggested.


Stage 4 Follow the path down from the top, the primary route moves away from the top of the cliff. If you prefer to proceed down the top of the cliff (better views), this route will eventually connect back to the primary path.

On the manner down there's a wire fence with a metal gate. Then the route goes through a steep slope of grass, becoming sometimes moist and muddy.

You can now see the carpark looking downhill. The route becomes steeper and rough as you go back and down.

After going downhill, the route brings you back to the carpark with the original trail.


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