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Christmas Market in the Ravenna Gorge

The first and only Christmas market located beneath the historic railway viaduct and surrounded by the Black Forest, this unique Christmas market offers a true winter escape for the entire family.

 This is the best place to  escape the hustle and bustle of the city and lose yourself in this dreamy, fairytale Christmas market. 

Here varous stalls and booths offer everything from Bratwurst to handmade wooden carved sculptures, glass-blown decorations, woollen socks and more! 

Make sure to chekc out the one of the big fires or try out the little ice-rink while listening to some classic Christmas tunes played on an alphorn. Or enjoy one of the live piano shows and other musical performances taking place during the evening.

For a unique Christmas view, be sure to check the light shows, projected on the pillars of the Ravenna viaduct after darkness falls. 

Be sure to dress warmly, as the weather can change at the drop of a hat and temperatures drop rapidly once night falls in the Black Forest. Especially for the little ones, there is a special children’s program in the quaint custom wooden Häusle (house), every Saturday and Sunday.


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