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Red Bluff the Grand Canyon of Mississippi

You park on the dead end of a road and can see the Bluff from there. Not far from where you park you are able to see a good distance, with the only sign of civilization being a water tower in the distance. The road was bisected by the washing out of the bluff years ago. You then can proceed clockwise around the rim of the bluff with great views of the bluff itself. You continue following the trail down across train tracks, following a small creek, down to the Bouie River. You can then return back to the train tracks and take the same trail back or choose the other which leads you back to the parking area. Overall I would say the hike is pretty intense, with steep climbs and sharp dropoffs. Loose sand and mud are also present. It's a short hike, but very enjoyable, and challenging. If you have ankle problems, you better prepare for that. The trail is also not marked at all, but it is well traveled so there is little chance of wandering off of it.


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