Red Canyon Trailhead


AWAYN IMAGE Red Canyon Trailhead
AWAYN IMAGE Red Canyon Trailhead
AWAYN IMAGE Red Canyon Trailhead
AWAYN IMAGE Red Canyon Trailhead
AWAYN IMAGE Red Canyon Trailhead

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When you get here, the view is great. A huge canyon which reminds me of Waimea Canyon in Hawaii. We walked part of the trail but turned back. Another person told us it went further and takes you out closer to the rim if you walked a mile. The road is fairly new as you can see it was paved in recent years. Our old Garmin says it was unpaved. The visitor center is old and not much to see but for a few gift items. They are still building their bathrooms which is kind of funny because there are septic bathrooms already at the view point. So you have porta-potties outside the visitors center and they are gross and need emptying. Plenty of parking when we went and fantastic views! It might be a bit busier at other times of year but we didn't run into any other hikers until we were almost back to the parking lot. The trails also loop such that you can get back to the start without having to backtrack much, which is a big bonus for me. I greatly prefer going in a big circle to going in a straight line and then walking back over the same line. Have fun!

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