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Relax by Angel Billabong

Amidst the lush jungle is a chain of some of the most idyllic natural pools in Bali, featuring stunning waterfalls and a dense abundance of flora and fauna.

These secluded public baths hidden within the rice paddies of Tabanan are lesser-known amongst tourists, so much so that half of the adventure is finding them.

The Angel’s Billabong is one of the most picturesque natural pools in Bali, with striking crystal-clear waters and magnificent rock formations.

Near to Broken beach, the hidden paradise is a perfect adventure for any wellness retreat in Bali, combining the beauty of nature with the tranquillity you are sure to find as you bathe amidst the emerald waters.

Surrounded by lush jungle, it is one of the most attractive spots for tourists and locals alike to indulge in a good cleanse.

Legend has it that the two natural pools at Tembeling Beach were discovered by a pregnant woman chasing a cow, and they have since been used by locals as a source of drinking water.

These days, the unique spot is more often frequented by travelers looking for a secluded place to have a dip – but don’t be put off.

The water pours out of the mouths of stone-carved dragons into three different pools – it is said to cure skin disease among other ailments and will certainly clear your pores and put any aching muscles to rest.

For a truly local experience, visit on a Sunday to watch the locals splash amongst the baths and enjoy the local warungs nearby – or frequent the springs on a weekday, where you will more than likely be able to enjoy watching the Balinese farmers tend the fields in total solitude.

If you are a more adventurous type then you can rent ATV bikes or hop on a jeep tour for a muddy excursion through the rural villages nearby before settling down in the warmest of Bali’s natural springs.


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