Relax by the McIntosh Lake


AWAYN IMAGE Relax by the McIntosh Lake
AWAYN IMAGE Relax by the McIntosh Lake
AWAYN IMAGE Relax by the McIntosh Lake

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Famous for its quiet beauty and bustering wildlife, Lake McIntosh in Colorado is a sight to behold for anyone who enjoys an ambient natural environment. The McIntosh Lake is part of the statewide ditch and reservoir system, which is why the water levels in the lake vary throughout the year, dependent on the need for water by the state as well as other elements such as the weather, snowpack, as well as annual rain.


At the McIntosh Lake, visitors can partake in a multitude of fun and exciting activities such as boating, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and fishing in the gentle waters that are filled with exciting wildlife. The area is also accentuated with surrounding greenery in the form of herbs, shrubs, and trees that constitute something of a park where you can sit back, relax, and have a little picnic with your family. The trail is supplemented with facilities such as restrooms to make your stay more pleasant. You can opt for either the gravel or concrete trail depending on the activity you want to do. The lake remains open an hour either side of sunrise as well as sunset, so you can either sit on the grass and watch the sky light up with the colors of nature early in the morning, or bid adieu to a relaxing and peaceful day by watching the sun set fire to the water as it drowns below the surface.


The Lake McIntosh does not permit the use of motorized speed boats on the waters, which ensures that your time out at the lake will be fun and peaceful. This also makes it the perfect spot for quiet boating and fishing. The ecosystem supports a variety of animal life, including prairie dogs, pelicans, and elegant bald eagles, swerving gracefully in the blue sky.


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