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Relax in Jardins del Mirador del Alcalde

Near to Montjuïc Castle, Jardins del Mirador de l’Alcalde gardens are noted for the exceptional views of Barcelona. They are also noteworthy for the mosaic paving that covers most of the area and for the peaceful, bright and sunny ambience.

The Mirador was designed by Joan Josep Tharrats and opened in 1969 by the mayor Josep Maria Porcioles, to whom it was dedicated.

The first-level entrance of the park connects the large esplanade at the very top of the Joan Brossa Gardens, while also giving access to the third level of the Mirador de l’Alcalde.

After spending a bit of time admiring the views from the Mirador del’Alcalde and looking at the little garden with its central fountain, take a walk along the path known as the Camí del Mar, where you’ll be able to continue enjoying wonderful views of the ocean and Barcelona’s port. In addition, there is a small cafe where you can have drinks and snacks if you want.


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