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Ride a Ferry to the Wonderful Peche Island

Peche Island is a true hidden gem of Ontario Province, in Detroit River. The 86-acre piece of land was ownership of whiskey magnate Hiram Walker since 1883 and used for vacationing purposes. It was then sold in 1907, and since 1999 it functions as a natural park open for visitors, offering hiking trails and kayaking service. Accessible only by boat, Peche Island is one of the most spectacular places to visit if ever come in the Windsor area. 

A perfect place for a family picnic lunch or a group excursion where people can relax and get close to the well-preserved natural surroundings. Home to massive bur oaks and silver maples that are over 180 years old, Peche Island is one of the rare spots in the area where you can walk among centennial trees and enjoy their grandeur beauty. 

Butternut and Kentucky coffee trees (the only ones in Canada) are other rare species that grow on the island, so if you ever visit, make sure you ask your guide to point them to you. Kayaking tours to Peche Island are also available for the ones who prefer to explore nature by paddling.  

One of the main problems with the island that the authorities are facing is erosion. In 1965, Peche Island was 109 acres of land, while now in only 86. The reason why the island has so many trees is to stop the erosion of the land and preserve this magical place that the locals treasure so much.

The ferry to Peche Island operates on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from 10 AM to 2 PM, and a round trip costs only $7.50. 

This year's schedule ends on October 9, so you better book your ticket now at Windsor marina. 

Peche Island is the pearl of Detroit River, and you should add it to your bucket list before winter sets in. Good luck!







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