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Hike Riprap Trail

Great trail. Took the short route from Rip Rap Trail parking lot, with every intention (starting at noon) to simply go down to Chimney Rock, play around there, and come back up... but then our curiosity got the best of us. We heard there were waterfalls and a swimming hole further down the trail - only a couple of miles. We went on, and we were happy we did. That is, until we had to start climbing back UP. No complaints really, though... just a little longer day than we expected. Next time we might take the advice of someone we talked to at Chimney Rock. They said you can get to the lower part of Rip Rap Trail from a road out of Crimora (a town north of Waynesboro at the bottom of the mountain). As someone has said on here before, it would be much better to have Chimney Rock be the reward near the END of the hike. BTW - springtime is a great time to take this hike!


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