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Hike around Valle delle Ferriere

Set out from Amalfi for a 3hour circular walk up the valley. Well established path with lemon groves along the sides of the valley. Stunning views back towards Amalfi. Fortunately you can come across somewhere to sit in the shade and purchase a glass of iced cool lemon drink produced on the premises. The river runs all along the bottom of the valley and as we climbed up we came across waterfalls! It was like being home in Wales but with fabulous hot climate. Followed the " high" path back to Amalfi passing through a small village/town which thankfully has a bar! From here the path turns down the hill by hundreds of steps which was hard work on the knees but well worth it. he track is easy to find. Follow the brown signs from the port/dock right through the town, past the Museum of Paper and up stairs. Highly recommend if you like walking but take supplies.


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