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Roam around Château de Chantilly

Château de Chantilly marks an important passage in France’s history, as it last belonged to Henri d’Orléans, Duke of Aumale, son of the latest King of France, Louis-Philippe.

The prince was counted as one of the most famous collectors of his time and employed Chantilly as an exhibition for the many manuscripts and artworks he collected. Before the Duke of Aumale’s living, the former French castle overlooked the village of Chantilly. Although it was eventually demolished during the French Revolution, this site has served as an indispensable location for the French royal family since the 1500s, when Pierre Chambiges built a grand mansion for Constable Anne de Montmorency.

The artwork Château de Chantilly never allowed to leave the castle walls for brief exhibitions in museums around the world, so this is the only place you’ll ever be able to see certain masterpieces by great artists like Raphael and Ingres. As you roam through the gardens, covered by the tall, fluttering grass and purple wildflowers, yet still alive today through the preservation of Chantilly. To get the train from Gare du Nord to Chantilly look for the destination Creil.

You can either walk through “town”, basically consisting of two main streets with the chateau at the far end, or take the shortcut through the forest and around the hippodrome and stables.



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