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Hike to Rocca Calascio Italy

A visit to Rocca Calascio is a must, at least once in a lifetime. This small village unchanged over time and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes is one the best that the Abruzzo Apennines offers. 

The Rocca Calascio fortress was initially built as a watchtower in the 10th century, or even earlier, and it grew in size and complexity over some time, particularly in the 14th century, under Leonello de Acclozemora, and then subsequently in the late 16th century, under the Medici family.   According to researchers, this fortress was not only built to support the military garrison but also to provide them shelter and defense to the local civilian population as well.  

The fort was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1703, after which it remained in its ruined state as it no longer served any strategic purpose. 

There is the possibility to arrive at the bottom of the hill with a shuttle service, but the route is very steep. I'd suggest to take the walking route, as it is less tiring. Calascio Fortress trail is a 3.7 kilometer heavily-trafficked outback trail. There are a couple of steep sections along the climb, but other than that this is an easy hike.



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