Rodel on the Isle of Harris


AWAYN IMAGE Rodel on the Isle of Harris
AWAYN IMAGE Rodel on the Isle of Harris
AWAYN IMAGE Rodel on the Isle of Harris

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The village of Rodel is found on the island of Harris. Many divers view Rodel as an ideal diving destination in Scotland. The scenic road between Tarbert and Rodel is understood because of the Golden Road. 


When driving on the most road from Tarbert to Stornoway within the Hebrides, once only 2 miles, you'll see a junction and a road forking to the left, the B887. (You will see the road within the right of the picture) This road could be a single track winding road which ultimately takes you to Huisinis Beach.


It is fifteen miles long and takes you thru a number of the first glorious scenery within the western isles. Trying to the side of the road you'll see the Island of Taransay (made famous by the television programmer 'Castaway' - that was recorded there). No one lives there currently - the last folks to reside there was in 1942. 


The Middle of Your Journey - Amhuinnsuidhe - Amhuinnsuidhe Castle

Further on the road, 10 miles into your journey, you actually drive straight past an exquisite castle. Inbuilt the 1860's for the Earl of Dunmore. You drive through its grounds, through a collection of large gates, past cannons located to the lookout to check on your left, and past the massive front doors on your right. The Castle has its own side gardens and is encircled by 55,000 acres of Trust-owned land. 


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