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Enjoy the hike in Route de Maido, Reunion Island

Maido stands as a natural balcony overlooking the island, offering some of the best panoramic views over its west coast and a remote and isolated caldera, the Mafate Cirque. The forest trail that runs up the slope is accessible by car, but only the peak of this volcanic peak can be reached — 2,200 m (7,218 ft) above sea level. On the way through the tamarind trees forest, you will find many popular picnic spots. Go early in the morning if you want to avoid the clouds that might obstruct the view. It couldn't be easier to arrange your visit to Maido and many more attractions in Saint-Paul: make an online itinerary using Inspirock's travel itinerary builder.

With a breakfast picnic basket prepared by our hotel, and still with sleep in our eyes, we headed off to the Maido to see the sun rising. All those dark and curvy as hell uphill roads were forgotten as soon as the sun peeped out from behind one of the peeks. Amazing is not enough to describe this beautiful event. The feeling of being so close to the rising sun is awesome! We spent half the day exploring the mountain, and having a picnic with scenic views all around you is something that everyone should try. One of the highlights of our trip.


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