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MTB in Royal Military Canal

The Military canal path is great for cycling, (and walking). It is also great for walk, great for dogs with plenty of bins for the poop bags. The cycle route along the canal is flat and well paved. The cycle path is separate from the footpath, however many walkers and runners use the cycle path as it is better paved, and especially would be better if wet. From Hythe, you are only allowed to cycle along the canal as far as Aldergate Bridge, which is around 6 miles, so 12 miles if you make it a round trip. It's a really nice cycle, quiet and off road, with views of the downs and Port Lympne wildlife park (keep an eye open for wildlife). There are also plenty of stopping places with picnic benches and cycle racks. The only slight negative is that the path is lower than the canal, so you don't get a great view of the canal for most of the time. If you want to make a longer route of it, then at Aldergate Bridge, you can continue on route 2 along quiet country lanes (also flat) to St Mary's Bay and then come back along the sea front (with a cut back to the canal at West Hythe when you get as far as the firing range).


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