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Hike to Royal National Park Sydney

Royal National Park is one of the world's oldest domestic parks. Relax on lovely beaches and discover lovely bushwalking paths, discover littoral rainforest, abundant fauna, and ancient Aboriginal heritage. You can hire row ships, and you can also enjoy fishing and camping.

The national park was founded in 1879 and covers 160 square kilometers. There are several entry points-several closed highways, a picturesque ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena, and a tram from Loftus ' Sydney Tramway Museum. The park is winding through the amazing Grand Pacific Drive.

The Royal National Park's best walking and cycling trails include: Bundeena Drive to Marley walk, an 8 km back walk The Coast Track, a two-day Curra Moors loop track, a 10 km back walk Forest track, a 4.4 km loop walk Karloo walk track, a 10 km back walk Uloola walk track, a 11 km one-way Loftus loop trail, a 10 km back mountain bike trail Lady Carrington Drive, a 10 km one-way walk trail The 26 km Coast Track starts in Bundeena and weaves the Wedding Cake Rock, the secluded beaches, the sandstone escarpment and the forest to Otford, near Stanwell Park.


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