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Walk in Rue Cremieux

City dwellers always look for a cute little part of town with narrow streets and colorful balconies everywhere they travel. For some people sunbathing on a secluded beach has nothing to do with a vacation, but that's why strolling the streets of a charming district is the best thing that can happen. 

One of those beautiful streets is the hidden Rue Cremieux in Paris. This pastel 5-minute walk is located in the Bastille neighborhood, and it is reserved for pedestrians only. It was not famous at all for the wider public before the Instagram era, and thanks to the beautiful pictures, a lot of travelers know about the colorful charm of this hidden gem in Paris. 

The street is cobblestoned and lined with cottage-looking houses painted in pastel colors that will make you feel like walking among giant cakes. Bastille is not a touristic part of Paris, so if you only have a day in Paris, then Rue Cremieux shouldn't be on your list as it's distant from all the grandeur landmarks. However, if you have already visited all the must-seen touristic spots in Paris and you're looking for a different experience, then consider making some cool shots on the cobblestoned street. 

The best Rue Crémieux Metro stations are Quai de la Rapée (line 5) and Gare de Lyon (lines 1 and 14, RER A and D). If you decide to walk your way to this street, then do it from Notre Dame Cathedral as it is only a 30-minute walk. 

The best time to visit Rue Cremieux is before 10 AM when you can have the street for yourself instead of bumping into a lot of tourists. In the end, it doesn't matter even if you come in the afternoon because this is only a narrow street, not a boulevard, so it can never be too crowded.



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