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Hike Ruins & Remaining of Persepolis

The Achaemenid Empire was home to the richest town in the world until 330 BC when it was destroyed by the mighty army of Alexander the Great. The town was covered in ivory, gold, silver, and gemstones. The Achaemenid dynasty king Xerxes I planned his attack on Greece from the beautiful town of Persepolis and didn't expect to be defeated. In 330 BC, Persepolis was defeated by Alexander the Great who ordered his army to burn the town to the ground. 

The ceremonial capital of the Persians was 50 miles northeast of Shiraz in today's Iran. The ancient Persians called the city Parsa, and the name Perseplois that we know today is a Greek word that means the Persian city. 

Persepolis remained as the capital of Persia which was a province on the Macedonian Empire back then. 

Persepolis's remainings today consist of a large terrace, parts from the colossal buildings, and fifteen intact columns. The black marble on the buildings' walls is still witnessing the richness of the long-gone Achaemedin Empire. 

The architecture of Persepolis consists of typical Persian columns, Lebanon cedarwood, and Indian teak. The best world's architects were gathered in one place and designed the first-ever building of Persepolis as a symbol of global unity and equality that lasted for thousands of years. 

In 1970, Persepolis was pronounced as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and since then it is under their protection. The ashes left after the fire that Alexander the Great ordered, were still visible in some places, covering the floors in over 3 feet. 

Persepolis is one of the most majestic tourist sites in Iran, and you can visit it any time of the year. Every visitor of Persepolis must cross under the gate of all nations, guarded by two lamassus, creatures with lion bodies and human heads. 



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