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Run along Fontanka River bank

In the center of the old Saint Petersburg, in one of its most spectacular and romantic curves, the Fontanka river bank has gained the love of the city and its visitors not only for its impressive architectural masterpieces but also it's incredible views while you are floating on the river as well.

You can easily walk along the Fontanka from beginning to end or get on a fairy boat rides. 

This is a 14 km scenic run/walk, with water views the whole way, passing by some of St. Petersburg's interesting older buildings.

Starting at the northern end of the Summer Garden at the Neva River, run southwest along the Fontanka river embankment with 6.5 km to the end, passing by St. Michael’s Palace, the luxurious Anichkov Bridge, Military Medical Museum, and the spectacular Muzey-Usad’ba G. R. Derzhavin building.

For the return, either return via the same path or use the route that connects to the Moyka River, using Lotsmanskaya Ulitsa.

Run along the south side of the Moyka for ~ 6 km, passing Quarter Museum, Yusupov Palace, Mariinsky Palace, the Monument to Nicholas I, the baroque Stroganov Palace, Pushkin Museum, and the Hermitage, before finishing the run at the Summer Garden.


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