AWAYN IMAGE Sanssouci Park
AWAYN IMAGE Sanssouci Park
AWAYN IMAGE Sanssouci Park
AWAYN IMAGE Sanssouci Park
AWAYN IMAGE Sanssouci Park

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Sanssouci Park (known as the Versailles of Berlin) the top attraction of any trip to Potsdam. Just 26 kilometers (16 miles) from Berlin, Potsdam is full of amazing palaces and landscapes, but many people end up rushing through and not taking time to experience it in its full glory. 

Sanssouci Palace was built in 1747, this gorgeous palace has just 12 rooms. Sanssouci was King Frederick the Great’s private resident. The king  was against any repairs, as he imagined the palace would exist only in his lifetime.  

Paying for one ticket entery to each of the palace can really add up. Instead, opt for a pass that allows you to enter all the buildings for a sweet €19, and includes a time slot for introducing the Sanssouci Palace.

If you dont want to pay then remember that it’s free to visit the palace grounds and its gardens, as the gardens themselves are considered to be the best part of the palace. 

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