Sawarna Beach


AWAYN IMAGE Sawarna Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Sawarna Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Sawarna Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Sawarna Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Sawarna Beach

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The trip to Sawarna, Banten, was in early April 2015. Quite challenging journey. Need around 9-10 hours from Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia) to get there. But it was worth it. I think you should go there by car. I still figure it out how's to get there by public transportation. The road is quite good. Before we went there, some friends told us the road is pretty bad. But, it was OK. Maybe the local government already build a good one since lot of tourist, include foreigner, visit the beach. But the car couldn't reach the beach. You need to park your car in parking area that provided by the local people. Then just walk away or rent motorcycle to reach the beach area. We were going to Pasir Putih (white sand), just walk around. Enjoy the sunset with a clear view. There is no some kind of resort or hotel. But you could have local lodge.┬áhis beach offers beautiful scenery and stunning beaches with waves suitable for surfing sports, beach ciantir also famous for one of the caves contained on this beach is laylay or cave bat cave where thousands of bats residing.  

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