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Enjoy the sun at Scala Dei Turchi (Stair of the Turks)

This soft, limestone and a blinding white marl cliff is located on the extent of sea between the Realmonte and Porto Empedocle. The nature, as a sweeping artist, has worked its magic over time, making the rough edge s of cliff into a soft and curved stone, and with the help of the sea and the salty breeze, creating terraces and smoothing every corner. 

Once you arrive at this place you will have the sense of being in Wonderland. The contrast between the very intense blue and sparkling white is breathtaking. The local boys are often diving from the most prominent steps, racing to decide who is the braver.

One note to remember is that getting to this place can be a little confusing. As you approach there are cars parked along the road, obscuring the various access points down to the beach. But I’d suggest driving along further to the two overlooks, which are great vantage points. Then you can drive back and decide about the walk down. We took the stairs to the beach bar but figured it was almost a km to the steps themselves, so we climbed back up. The view from the top was enough!


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