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Scalea Town in Italy

Scalea is a town and comune in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy. The town takes its name from its terraced lay-out on the hillside, at the bottom of the Capo Scalea promontory. CASA CIELO IS SURROUNDED BY HISTORY AND CULTURE, and is a few minutes walk from the beach town restaurants, bars and cafes with no roads to cross. 

Scalea has ancient roots dating back to the Greek colony of Enotria, with the Lucanian people having inhabited the area even before then. With the Romans came the first seaside villas, grand residences to escape the city. The coast was stranded in the Byzantine and Norman eras, though, and the people moved uphill for security, building a typical Medieval town with houses huddled together, connected by steps and alleys, encircled by a defensive wall with grand gates that could compete against invaders.

The town became an agricultural area with the production of grains, legumes, fruits, and wine, for which it gained some recognition. The alluring lanes of the historic center walk up the hill with steep streets interconnected by stairways, arched alleys and little piazzas. The lower town originated primarily after WWII, with a sprawling contemporary beach resort that draws a hefty amount of visitors from around Italy and northern Europe. The crystal-clear seas and beautiful beaches, along with plenty of water sports, beach-side activities, discos, and restaurants, make it a popular spot.

The Torre Cimalonga, an old guarded watchtower, houses the Antiquarium, a museum showcasing fragments of the past found here at the archeological exhuming of the Lao, revealing Hellenic and Lucanian artifacts. The massive mountain nature preserve (Riserva Statale Valle del Fiume Argentino) offers plenty of outdoors activities in the woods, with hiking trails, mountain biking, horse riding, and more. Down the road is the spicy Museo del Peperoncino, paying homage to the piccante pepper that Calabrians love.


The city has plenty of stores, restaurants, coffee bars, night clubs, gelaterias, and grocers to keep everyone happy. There is a weekly market held on Monday mornings.


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