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Strokkur Geysir Hot Spring Area

Strokkur is Iceland’s most visited active geyser.  Strokkur is found in the Geysir Geothermal Area, titled after the Great Geysir, which got its name to all others across the world. It is the greatest active geyser on site; Geysir itself is in a period of inactivity. One must spend some time here to make sure have some amazing videos and have fun with photography. There is a significant squirt every 2-5 mins. Nearby by to this, there is a silent geyser which is not active often but is much larger than this one., blasting water to heights of around fifteen to twenty meters every five to ten minutes, although it is known to reach up to forty meters. 

The colors in the pools and the number of pools is impressive. Moreover, there are good souvenir shops selling merchandise at reasonable prices and three restaurants in the complex next to the geysers. 


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