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Hiking trip to Selva di Val Gardena Nteur Selva

 The Val Gardena is considered as a true paradise for hikers and climbers. Located in the world heritage site of the dolomites and the Puez idle nature park, hiking in the beautiful landscapes of dolomites is always enjoyable.

Where is Val Gardena situated?

Val Gardena lies in the heart of dolomite and is a highlight to all hikers coming from all over the world to climb the Pale Mountain. Other hiking mountains are- Puez Mountain hut in Puez mountain range surrounding Santa Cristina Village, Selva di Val Gardena, and Bada.

Users are advised to determine their route, their way of walking, and their speed to their competence and capacity, weather, visibility, condition of chosen path and routes following indication of route boards or signs.

  There are various walks from Selva Gardena (Val Gardena). Some of them are:- 


•Via crucial

•The ruins of Welkestein Castle

•Natur Selva- Belvedere

•The old line of the Val Gardena Railway

•Monte Pana 

•Castel Gardena

•Natura day


Why is Val Gardena special?

Breathtaking views of the valley challenging slopes and steep gorges: The Dolomites offers a wide range of opportunities to create tailored ski tours. Collect as much information as possible on the poster and snow condition and possible avalanche risks before undertaking any tour.

Val Gardena is added to UNESCO's World Heritage list of places of outstanding universal values both for their landscapes and their geological as Well as geomorphological significance.

Some of the basic advice on hiking in Val Gardena are - One should choose their tours according to their state of health. One should choose boots of good quality and need to be cautious. One needs to stop to drink some water from time to time.

One should also try out one of the region's themed trails to uncover tales of local legends as one can amble through the lovely old village of S. Cristina, discover a traditional way of life on a walk around typical Ladinfarmhouses or visit the old mills of Bulla.

Val Gardena and the wider South Tyrol region have some fantastic places to refuel - from a top gourmet restaurant serving haute cuisine to unassuming mountain huts dishing up generous plateful to hungry hikers.

Italy's northernmost province is also home to rejuvenating spas and thermal baths – the perfect places for reviving tired limbs before you step off again. 

In a nutshell, for one who is a trekking freak, Val Gardena is a must-visit. 



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