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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park- Hike,and overnight camp

Gorgeous! Breathtaking! Must see! A 74 mile round trip from John Muir Lodge right to the end of the Canyon but worth every moment. The beauty, the trees, the wildlife, and the trails. The road into the valley takes you down a 32 miles descent from 7,000ft to the valley floor of Kings River South Fork. Eventually the picturesque road runs along the river to Cedar Grove past Grisly Falls and Roaring River Falls and crossing Roaring River. Reaching the end of the road is slightly strange - especially knowing that beyond, across the mountains is Death Valley. It was well worth the drive even knowing we would have to retrace the same route. It has a particular atmosphere and we sat in the shade of a big friendly tree drinking it in while lunching on fresh, juicy plums.


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