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Sequoia National Forest

National Park Sequoia, National Forest Sequoia, National Park Kings Canyon and National Monument Giant Sequoia are all adjacent in the same area. The National Parks of Sequoia and Kings Canyon are jointly administered. Then there is the Sequoia National Forest south of the parks and the Giant Sequoia National Monument that includes two areas west of the parks. For simplicity, in the descriptions below, this guide refers to them all as "Sequoia." 

There are many giant Sequoias located within the grove and many trails to wander and take in the natural beauty of these wonders. These trees are amongst the oldest and largest on earth. Take time to explore this area and enjoy some of the treasures of nature. Drive along the General's Highway to King's Canyon NP and take in the second largest tree in the world, the General Grant and then take some time to explore Sequoia National Forest on the way to the Scenic Canyon Drive. Easy to do in a day if you start early. If you have extra time, Moro Rock is also worth a view (take some extra time to climb it if you can we didn't do it but we were able to enjoy the view from a drive-up overlook) and Crystal Cave also seems rad.

The entire park smells incredible thanks to the sequoias and there's little to no phone service in the park so you really get to enjoy nature and take some time to breathe. 


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