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Visit Seven Magic Mountains art installation in LV

This is a fun stop on the way to, or back from, Sin City. It's about 15 minutes south of Vegas and easily accessible via the Sloan exit from the 15 (or the Jean exit if you're coming from California).  

There's a big dirt lot to park in and a short walk to the rocks themselves. They're bigger than they look in photos and it's pretty cool seeing art in the middle of the desert. Seven big towers of rocks may seem silly, but it's definitely interesting, especially when considering the location.  

Be aware that there's no shade, so slather on that sunscreen and/or whatever you need to do to protect yourself from the sun. We went during a mild March afternoon so it wasn't bad, but I'm sure it can be a scorcher out here during the summer months.

Best of all, it's free to check out the installation. 


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