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Shi Shi Beach

Visitors arrive from all over the world to experience the adventure of Shi Shi Beach. The trail consists of a wonderful mix of rainforest hiking and seashore walking. Make this an easy day hike or experience it as a backpacking day out with a night time out on the beach. It is also possible to continue alongside the seaside and hook up with the Ozette Loop hike or on to Hole in the Wall close to La Push at Rialto Beach. There are many alternatives however make positive you raise a tide chart with you so that you don’t get remoted by way of high tides at the headwalls if you design to proceed south previous the Point of Arches. For records involving the place alongside the seaside unique as National Park please consult the website.


The path through the wooded area to the seaside is slightly undulating but has no huge achieve in elevation. Expect mud, bridges and boardwalks that may additionally be slippery. The trail is well maintained and navigation is easy.Continue via city heading west alongside Bay View Avenue for 1 mile. Bay View Avenue becomes Cape Flattery Road if you follow the yellow traces on the pavement. The road will flip sharply left then after 0.1 miles flip sharply proper once you get to the west facet of the primary downtown area. Follow the signs and symptoms past the medical institution for 0.1 miles and turn sharply left once more and follow the avenue alongside the foot of Bahokus Peak. You will be on Cape Flattery Road. After 2.5 miles comply with the signs and symptoms and turn left on Hobuck Road across the Wa’atch River. At the first intersection after the bridge go straight and follow the symptoms for the Fish Hatchery. The parking location is positioned on the proper aspect of the road. 


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