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Summer Canoeing at Yellowstone Park

Inside Yellowstone Park, canoe the Lewis River Channel to Shoshone Lake, a very popular and heavily used route. The 9-mile route is suitable for beginners. Put-in at the Lewis Lake boat dock, and follow the west shore. Then head north, passing a small thermal basin before entering Lewis Lake Channel. Crossing the open water of Lewis Lake is not recommended, due to sudden storms. Stay close to shore and start early to avoid the wind. Allow four to six hours of paddling to reach Shoshone Lake. (Expect to portage your canoe through the upper sections of the channel.) Inside Grand Teton National Park, paddle from Jackson Lake Dam to Pacific Creek. This is a great half-day trip with excellent opportunities to fish for cutthroat trout. You’ll also likely see eagles nesting. We recommend a side trip to the Oxbow Bend area. This 5-mile trip is best suited for intermediate paddlers, and takes about two to four hours. Put-in at Jackson Lake Dam, and takeout at Pacific Creek Landing. Overnight permit - can be purchased at any backcountry office (3$/night per person) in Yellowstone, or in advance here for a $25 reservation fee (you will still need to pay the 3$ per person on arrival in the park)   Noticed someone added their music so here is mine.:


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