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Sidu River Bridge

The bridge was designed by CCSHCC Second Highway Consultants Company, Limited. and built at a cost of 720 million yuan (approximately US$100 million). Driving over the Seydou River Bridge is a wonderful and scary experience at the same time as you feel as if your car is floating in the air at a towering high, breathtaking and chilling.


The bridge construction project was completed in 2009 as part of a large project in China to fly the highway network, connecting two high mountain areas that were difficult to cross and needed a lot of time especially with the Sido River in the center.


The length of the bridge is 5000 thousand feet over the valley surrounding the river. The finest construction materials were used in its construction. Engineers were forced to use a rocket to stabilize the main pillars of the bridge at the top of the mountain. It was reinforced with two steel bars and painted in yellow to give the bridge a likable shape.



The bridge is also the only bridge in the world where bridge-jumping enthusiasts can reach the ultimate speed of jumping from its peak, but so far none of these adventurers dared to try.


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