Sithonia beach


AWAYN IMAGE Sithonia beach
AWAYN IMAGE Sithonia beach
AWAYN IMAGE Sithonia beach

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Greece is recognized for its immense natural beauty in the form of beautiful sunrise and sunsets, its turquoise colored water and amazing gathering spots by the sea. The natural scenery is that brilliant that it gives a perfect catch for the pictures and Instagram. The countrt is famous for its islands but mainland is also as good. The Halkidiki (also called as Chalkidiki) is popular spot in the North of the Greece as this region has three peninsulas (feet), each having its individuality attached to it. These three peninsulas are:

i. Kassandra – which has a more advanced and developed infrastructure, making is perfect spot for tourism attraction. Moreover, it is close to Thessaloniki that makes it quite easy to access by the students from there.

ii. Sithonia – which is amazing natural beauty with its blue sea and big deep forests.

iii. Athos – which is world’s monastic state and home to 20 monasteries. This place has restriction for its entry and can only be visited by men who have visa for it.


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