Skeleton Coast Park


AWAYN IMAGE Skeleton Coast Park
AWAYN IMAGE Skeleton Coast Park
AWAYN IMAGE Skeleton Coast Park
AWAYN IMAGE Skeleton Coast Park

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Although Namibia's entire coastline was formerly called The Skeleton Coast, today it only refers to the Skeleton Coast National Park. The park stretches from the north Kunene River for about 500 km to the south Ugab River and protects about one-third of Namibia's coastline. The landscape includes sand dunes, canyons and mountain ranges all synonymous with Namibia. Climate conditions are not necessarily what you would expect in a desert country like Namibia-dense fog and cold sea breezes-and this is caused by the cold Benguela Current that flows offshore, meeting the extreme heat of the Namib Desert. Day visitors to the Skeleton Coast Park are only allowed in the park between sunrise and sunset, and permits are available at the two entrance gates (the Ugab River in the south and Springbokwasser in the east). The ecologically sensitive area north of Terrace Bay is inaccessible to the general public and access to this area is restricted to a few operators operating fly-in safaris around Namibia. Accommodation is available outside the park south of the Ugab River at miles 108 & 172, but these camps are very bleak and it is recommended that you push on either Henties Bay or Swakopmund. Pay a visit to the Cape Cross Seal Colony on your drive, which is defiantly the smelliest place in Namibia. There is plenty of accommodation in Damaraland for visitors entering or leaving the park through Springbokwasser. Also worth a visit are the clay castles of the Hoarusib Canyon, the plains of Lichen, the outcrops of Basalt, the linear oases / sand rivers, Messum Crater and the highest mountain of Namibia, The Brandberg. A Skeleton Coast Fly-In safari is the highlight of any trip to Namibia-and if you're serious about visiting this spectacular area, we highly recommend booking yourself on one of these amazing trips. Only the extraordinary raw piece of wilderness can be enjoyed! 

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