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Cader Idris Walk

This is a very well know peak and therefore it's quite busy with walkers. The Cader Idris Horseshoe is a somewhat obvious circular route in fair weather, but please note that poor conditions and visibility can pose a real challenge. The various routes up are not bad at all across somewhat obvious trails, doable for kids and folks with reasonable fitness. A little windy at times and the cloud dropped in which meant views from the top were non existent but the views all the way up made it worth it.Outside of the Llanberis route up the mighty Mount Snowdon, Cader Idris is a good mountain walk for beginners. Start early, allow 5-6 hours. There is an old stone shelter at the summit that while dank and cold, makes a good place for lunch. Good parking at the foot of the range, unforgettable views at the top. Research before you go!


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